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Many websites and you are very confused managing it, doger came to give a solution to manage it.

Check Index

Auto check index google, check index google image and check index google search.

Index Image Index Search
Wordpress API

Wordpress API provides a lot of wordpress website data, such as posts, pages and themes.

post page theme
Domain Property

Provide domian expiration data, retrieve nameservers currently attached to the domain

expiration nameservers

Awesome features

Provides good features for automation, such as auto check index, auto check domain nameservers and domain expiration.

  • Check Index
  • Wordpress API
  • Domain Property



Automation is very much needed nowadays. Because things have to be done quickly and precisely.

Doger came to provide the automation and this makes it easier for users to manage their website.

Doger will also continue to update features and tools to provide other automation. Therefore, suggestions from users are expected.

Automation is a very useful thing

The amazing Team

Teamwork is necessary to achieve a common goal.

Bagas Web Developer
Ani Marketing Strategist
Salsabila UI/UX Designer
Ti Founder and CEO

Build Websites Neater

Make the website more organized and neat with doger.

Organize Better

Organize your website better with doger.

Grow your visitor

Grow your visitor with targeted keyword.


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